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The LORD'S Charism of Prayer and Healing

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Alleluia! Our LORD JESUS is awesome!

Welcome to our new section about the LORD'S gift of Prayer and Healing.

Prayer Line Ministry: You may call the Renewal Centre at (902) 667-7179 (more than 2000 people do annually) and leave a message with your prayer requests and needs. These are passed along to 20 intercessors who take their ministry very seriously as they pray daily for your requests. Sometimes the prayer requests are linked up with the Moncton, St. John and Charlottetown prayer ministries. The requests are kept at a small shrine to Our Lady at the Between the Hearts Renewal Centre. Please send us your requests and we will pray with and for you!

If you prefer, you are welcome to email your intentions. They will be entered into our prayer request list and offered up daily within the center and by the intercessory prayer ministry of the ASC.

Have you, a loved one, or a friend witnessed a healing? It is our hope that you will share current testimonies of physical, emotional, spiritual, faith renewal, etc. healings. Perhaps you witnessed a healing at the 2009 conference at Sackville, N.B.?

We also encourage those who have been blessed with the charism of Prayer and Healing to share their own experience(s) of their Ministry with us.

E-mail to Between The Hearts. Note: Please do include your phone number and area code so that we may contact you if necessary. Phone numbers will not be posted.

Prayer and Healing
'they will lay their hands on the sick and they will recover' (Mark 16: 17-18)

I witnessed my first "physical" healing while attending the 2003 conference. Once again, I had been suffering from tendonitis and was wearing wrist guards. I had been plagued with tendonitis in both wrists for years. Traditional treatments made the pain worse, or were short term. Well, as it turned out that was all about to change. Through God's grace a man held my wrists and prayed. He told me that my wrists would be healed by the time I got home, and indeed they were! ( If this was you I am wondering if you could e-mail me?)

It is a moment I will never forget. While he was praying I could feel the love of the Holy Spirit flowing through us. It was so powerful. It is without a doubt that I am able to say that my healing presented me with my first instance of  "childlike" faith as an adult.

It certainly was through the grace of GOD that my Divine healing took place. It has allowed me to once again carry/lift heavier items, and to participate in activities that I was restricted from. Thank you LORD and thank you to the person whom the LORD worked through. God bless you.

Third Joyful Mystery:
Shepherds out in the fields suddenly saw
an angel appear to them, and the glory
of the LORD shone around them.
(Luke 2: 8-9)

Linda MacKenzie
Nova Scotia