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The grace of the Charismatic Renewal was introduced into the region by brothers and sister after visits to the U.S.A. Some of the early charismatics were Bishop J Faber MacDonald, Rev. Fr. Gerry Tingley, Rev. John MacLeod and Archbishop James M. Hayes.

In 1973, representatives from the existing prayer groups met in P.E.I., to share what was happening through the Holy Spirit in the Atlantic Region. As new prayer groups were formed, their representation was added to this group of leaders who were then known as the 'Atlantic Region Pastoral Team' of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and before too long a very large committee existed.

In 1979, this committee selected from among itself, a four member pastoral team, called the Atlantic Service Committee, which was to oversee the services to the Charismatic Renewal and report twice yearly to an Advisory Board which was made up of members from the Diocesan Prayer Groups.

The Atlantic Service Committee consisted of provincial representation for the first committee. The members were : Rev. Fr. Gerry Tingley for Prince Edward Island; Rev. Fr. Phillip Lewis for Newfoundland/Labrador; Brother Aurele Melanson,c.s.c. for New Brunswick and Rev. Deacon Richard (Rick) Hartnett for Nova Scotia. This committee planned and implemented services to the Charismatic Renewal in Atlantic Canada and represented the region both nationally and internationally until March of 1983. At this time a new constitution was created and accepted by the Atlantic Service Committee and the Advisory Board.

The new committee still in existence, is officially called the Atlantic Service Committee and has members who represent each Diocese in the Atlantic Region, and meets twice annually to carry out the services to the Atlantic Charismatic Renewal. In 1983. Rev. Mr. Rick Hartnett was appointed the executive director for the Atlantic Service Committee.

The committee adopted a new constitution in April 1990, forming French and English language sector committees, both with equal rights and representation. The two committees meet twice yearly, simultaneously, but at separate linguistic meetings, but join together for Holy Eucharist, fellowship, and worship, and for sharing of activities and the passing of items relating to both sectors.

The Atlantic Service Committee has been involved in the National Service Committee (CCRSC) since 1973. It was represented by Rev. J. Faber MacDonald and Rev. Gerry Tingley. In 1976, the 5C's (Canadian Catholic Charismatic Communication Committee) was formed. In 1977, Rev. Mr. Rick Hartnett was appointed as a new Atlantic Region representative replacing Fr. Gerry Tingley. Rev. J. Faber MacDonald remained a member until his appointment as Bishop of Grand Falls, Nf., and Brother Aurele Melanson,c.s.c. was appointed as the French language member for Atlantic Canada in October 1981.

In 1988, the French language members of the Canadian Catholic Charismatic Renewal formed the French language National Committee, CCRC, Conseil Canadien Renouveau Charismatique, requiring changes in the 5C's constitution and by-laws,

It was agreed that the Atlantic Region membership on the newly formed committee, C.C.R.S.C., the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services Canada, be represented by the current Chairperson and the Executive Director.

The Committee meets twice yearly in a different region of the country.